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I purchased/pre- ordered a “ Xbox one X Halo edition” that Microsoft doesn’t even ship out until November. So when I saw a tracking number was posted for my order I knew there was a mistake. I contacted the seller and asked about what he was sending ...

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And what is broken on eBay today ?

Don't you just love the way this totally useless Corporate Monster operates, you wake up each day and it's only a matter of time before you come across the latest broken aspect of eBay...... Ladies and Gentlemen. This is what you now get when you cli...

Relist because winning buyer is obviously a timewaster

Hi - have sold a car and winning bidder is overseas and is obviyosly never going to be able to coillect (car is non starter). I really need to get the car sold as it's at my local garage and they're threatening to take it to the scrap merchant. I use...

Cannot confirm phone number when trying to sell

When i try to put something on for sale, it asks me to confirm my number. When i press call me or text me, a red notice comes up on the top saying, "Something went wrong. Check everything is right below." Can someone please help me?

Did you know that eBay holds your bank account details hostage and refuses to remove them?

So, eBay recently talked me into adding my bank account to eBay after getting rid of PayPal. I only wanted to sell one thing so added my bank details and was planning on selling my item then simply removing my bank details afterwards as i don't reall...

Making profit?Stop it right now!!

Me: Sales are terrible at the moment and I'm wondering how I can improve them Ebay:Have you tried our pay per click scheme? Me: No I haven't.I already have sponsored listings,multi buy and a shop subscription which should help pull the punters in.So ...


Guys, STAY AWAY BY BUYING SHIPPING LABEL VIA EBAY - PACKLINK. This rubbish company PACKLINK just started services on ebay, you'd select shipment of £7, you'd be asked to pay £7, without any warning or option you'd end up to pay £13 including insuranc...

Payment problem

Tried purchasing something today using PayPal Credit, when i try to purchase, it keeps going back to the payment page.. anyone else ha ing this issue, its so frustrating

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item removed from my listening

an item was removed and received a message from eBay saying (We had to remove your listing because it didn’t follow our VeRO Infringement Policy. Violating the intellectual property rights of a rights owner is not allowed)

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cancelled orders

Today I have had my 3rd order from a seller cancelled all three said they dropped or damaged the items before posting . All I can say is ebay has some careless sellers , more than likely not achieved the price they wanted for their items if thats the...

No return label offered. red flags

So I received a sim card with money credited that doesnt give any network signal. Tried on 3 phones. The seller has agreed to return. However instead of providing a returns label they say they will be posting me an envelope to return it in. Now, firs...

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Damaged item

Hi. So I sent a parcel through the GSP. Parcel arrived but item is broken. To my knowledge I'm not responsible for this, how does the customer make a claim? He said it was delivered by DHL and they said its me who has to make a claim?. Thanks.

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