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Is anyone else upset by "We removed some search results to show you the most relevant listing."

About a week ago, eBay started displaying "We removed some search results to show you the most relevant listings" on most of my carefully crafted search filters, and then in its Artificial Intelligence "wisdom," deleting a substantial portion of the ...

Return Policy Abuse

I sold a speaker recently and the seller filed a claim stating the item wasn't as described but didn't include any details. I asked what the issue was and requested pictures. The seller replied that there was no issue but he wanted some accessories o...

Ebay managed payments issues

I have been a member on Ebay for almost 20 years and during that time have witnessed the Ebay pin heads do more and more to ruin their own company. Paypal has been a trusted online payment method for many years ... much faster then when you had to wa...

Resolved! Why do the help topics still include PayPal as an accepted form of payment, after requiring bank a/c

Just sold an item and trying to figure out the new procedure. We've all been told we have to receive payments through our bank accounts (and no longer through PayPal), but the Help topics refer to PayPal as an accepted method of payment. Does this me...

eBay forms of payment.JPG

Return policy/ receive payment

Hello I need some assistance on what to do regarding a case. So I sold something and shipped the item in a timely fashion and of course the post office was late delivering the item. The buyer opened up a case and eBay ruled in their favor because at ...

Managed Payments

I've set up my bank account with eBay. They've confirmed it by sending a penny to my account. The problem is, when I try to switch to weekly payments, it asks me to set up my account info again. Any advice?

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Extra PROFIT for SELLERS loop hole.... How to get away with keeping money from buyers legitimately.

I bid, won an item from a seller using my mobile device while out and about. When I arrived home, looked at the status of things, looking at the pictures on my big screen I noticed in the small pictures there was a problem with the item that was not ...

User avatar by Adventurer
  • 11 replies
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Sellers being scammed on Ebay for vitral items

Beware if your selling vitral items on eBay the offer no protection to the seller! It's very easy for someone to buy a item,have it delivered then go to there bank to say they don't recognize the purchase. Ebay will side with them and then fine you $...

User avatar by Rising Star
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Buyer put mail on hold

Warning to anyone new selling on ebay or haven't sold in a while. I sold an item my daughter didn't want on ebay for extra money to pay bills. The buyer got a steal. We paid $260. She used it 3 times and we sold it for $165. It was like new. The buye...

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