Economic Opportunity is Right in Front of Us

Recommerce — the sale of secondhand goods — has been part of business since day one. We have continued this tradition ever since, and our new Recommerce Report further underscores our purpose. Consumers worldwide recognize that recommerce can be a potential source of great income, with the added benefit of contributing to a healthier planet.

Find out who’s embracing Recommerce and what they’re reselling.

Economic Opportunity

The coronavirus pandemic has further illustrated the positive economic benefits of recommerce. In 2020, more people worldwide began selling pre-owned items online to earn extra income and sought to buy secondhand treasures at more affordable price points.


Recommerce not only is great for buyers' and sellers’ wallets but is better for the environment overall. It helps to preserve the world’s natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint — from saving on the water and energy typically used in producing new goods to preventing items being sent to landfills. Learn more about sustainable commerce.

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